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What is premium scanning?

We provide an always on scanner in the location of your choosing.

This scanner constantly scans for Pokemon and allows you to view them on an easy to view map.

Your account or IP will never be used to perform a scan.

By clicking "choose plan" you are agreeing to our Terms Of Service and have read our F.A.Qs

PokeFetch provides no guarantee on scan quality. This is forever changing due to factors out of our control. We do not provide refunds.

What payment method do you want to use?

Crypto Currency 38% cheaper!

How long do you want to scan for?

1 DAY (24 hr) $2.99 USD
3 DAYS (72 hr) $4.99 USD
7 DAYS (168 hr) $7.99 USD

Choose a location to scan

Note: Radius can be dependent on location chosen and is just an indicator not a guarantee.

Detail confirmation

Duration 24 hours
Location 0,0
Payment Method PayPal
Amount Due $2.99
Double check your location. You cannot change this.

Purchase successful

Duration 24 hours
Location 0,0
Total Paid $2.99
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